Simple. Relevant. Naturally social.

Xtimate is a software as a service (SaaS) tool for managing your product development activities in a simple, relevant and naturally social way.

Focus on doing the right things


No more cluttered user interfaces - xtimate is based on simple, easy to understand interface and puts you in the driver's seat!


Tired of complexity? Xtimate focuses on helping you to get your job done. Describe your plans, tasks and actions in a simply manner and have it collaborated with you team within seconds.

Naturally social

Xtimate feels naturally social. Relevant information is made available to everyone. Every teammate knows what's going on. No more failure because of lack of communications.

Our service helps you and your team to succeed in your product development activities.

Private beta

Xtimate is currently in private beta. If you would like to try Xtimate, please send enquiries to